'Interiors' is an ongoing series of introspective portraits, with its 'found' subjects pictured in their own homes. It is accompanied by a parallel series shot in 3D, using a vintage stereoscopic camera. The work asks questions about identity, fantasy and nostalgia, and (particularly in installation) aims to play with the viewer's sense of time and space.


All images © Jayne Taylor, 2009.  All rights reserved.

Contact for images from the stereoscopic (3D) version of this project.


Thanks to Jo, Parsley, Billy, Dawn, Camillian & Ian, Florence, Michael, Karen & Paula, and Marilyn for their participation. 



Stereoscopic installation at Truman Brewery, Londoninstallation

1. (a) 3D/stereoscopic installation at Truman Brewery.








2.  Alternative 3D/stereoscopic installation for shows in Whitechapel, Soho, Earl's Court and Brighton.