Installation (Baker St)



Soho is an enigma: A real yet semi-mythical village; a labyrinth of stories and histories, passages and alleyways; unmarked doors waiting quietly to be knocked on... Soho is familiar yet unknowable, a colourful gem of a place projecting a different facet of itself at every turn...

Earlier this year, I set out to create an affectionate portrait of the charismatic, hard-to-define microcosm that is Soho. Central to Soho’s distinctive collective-persona is the network of individuals who make up the true essence and fabric of the place, many of whom appear in this project. The project’s main strand is a series of portraits in stereoscopic 3D, shot in collaboration with Soho denizens against the backdrops of the their daily lives.

The installation at the graduate show included 8 selected 3D portraits together with an iphone-image montage of Soho and a set of 25 polaroid portraits taken at the 2013 Soho Village Fete.



Long Live Soho is a work-in-progress, taking place at a pivotal moment in time when Soho finds itself on the cusp of potentially rapid and radical change. Shot using both new and old technologies, this a toast to Soho's timeless verve and to the staying-power of its elusive and irrepressible character. Long live Soho!

Thanks to all involved for their time, hospitality, introductions and hilarious/fascinating Soho anecdotes. Many more images and strands to be added... (the selection will change from time to time). All images © Jayne Taylor 2013.